Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer:  When you or someone close to you has been charged with a Harrisonburg DWI, contact Bob Keefer as soon as possible.  You need to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Bob immediately to explore your options.  The call is without obligation or cost and whatever you discuss remains completely confidential and privileged.  You can schedule using the highlighted link above, or call 540.433.6906 which is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a human operator or email

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Today it is not hard to be arrested and charged with DWI.  The Federal Government issues grants for DWI enforcement which are in reality bounties for arresting citizens for DWI.  In Virginia the top two DWI enforcement officers receive an all expense paid vacation trip to Virginia Beach.  This DWI trip is paid for by Anheuser-Busch.  Officers also receive overtime pay and advancement because they are successful in DWI enforcement.  Whatever you subsidize you get more of.  These incentives, of course, are wrong because they encourage Officers to rush to arrest a suspect rather than taking their time and doing the investigation correctly.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer: Celebrities are now considered Prized Trophies in the DWI War on American Motorists.  In late February, 2015, television and movie actor Will Patton was arrested for DWI near his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.  Patton is known for his work in Falling SkiesRemember the Titans and Armaggedon.  Patton is fortunate that he was stopped in South Carolina since that state has a requirement that the DWI stop, investigation, testing and breath testing must be videotaped.  With those videos the Judge or Jury can see exactly what happened.  With a video the finder of fact is not required to simply believe the Officer’s version of events; the finder of fact can actually see and hear what happened.  It is important that we use this technology since Officers are biased by the bounties offered for DWI enforcement.

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer

Best Harrisonburg DWI Lawyer






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